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The Glow Show is an immersive experience unlike anything else around. Part natural history, part ancient history, this live educational-style presentation will entertain and inform you through story and imagery about nature that glows in the dark - the aurora, sea sparkles (marine bioluminescence), glow worms, and ghost mushrooms. 


The experience begins when you enter the studio through a softly scintillating cave, a bit like a glow worm grotto. Pick a dreamy chair - will you choose to curl up in a papasan or a bean bag, or swing in the macrame chair, or relax in the rocking chair, or any of the other comfy options? Each show is for a small group and is interactive. This is the fun way to learn where and when to look for things that glow in the dark, and how to photograph them -- this is Glow SchoolTM! And the snacks are yummy. Who could ask for anything more?!


The Glow Show was conceived in 2021 as part of Tasmania's Covid-19 recovery effort. We are super-excited about all things that glow. Our aim is to empower you with the inspiration and information to find the brighter side of Tasmania after dark. Learn how to experience nature in a way that most can only see on television. 

The Glow ShowTM 

Dr Lisa has a PhD in jellyfish and has been working with bioluminescence for 30 years. She has published two best-selling books and around a hundred peer-reviewed scientific papers and industry reports, given two TEDx talks, had a four-year science show on commercial radio, and is often called upon for expert comment in the media. What really drives her passions, however, is connecting people to science through fascination. And she absolutely loves things that glow in the dark! 


Dr Lisa Gershwin